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    • Determination of CO, H2O and H2 coverage by XANES and EXAFS on Pt and Au during water gas shift reaction 

      Guo, Neng; Fingland, Bradley R.; Williams, Damion; Kispersky, Vincent F.; Jelic, Jelena; Delgass, W. N.; Ribeiro, Fabio H.; Meyer, Randall J.; Miller, Jeffrey T. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010-05-04)
      The turn-over-rate (TOR) for the water gas shift (WGS) reaction at 200 1C, 7% CO, 9% CO2, 22% H2O, 37% H2 and balance Ar, of 1.4 nm Au/Al2O3 is approximately 20 times higher than that of 1.6 nm Pt/Al2O3. Operando EXAFS ...