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    • PKCα Activation of p120-catenin Serine 879 Phospho-Switch Disassembles VE-cadherin Junctions and Disrupts Vascular Integrity 

      Vandenbroucke St Amant, Emily; Tauseef, Mohammad; Vogel, Stephen M.; Gao, Xiao-Pei; Mehta, Dolly; Komarova, Yulia; Malik, Asrar B. (American Heart Association, 2012-08)
      Rationale: Adherens junctions (AJs) are the primary intercellular junctions in microvessels responsible for endothelial barrier function. Homophilic adhesion of vascular endothelial (VE) cadherin forms AJs, which are ...
    • Redox regulation of Nox proteins 

      Pendyala, Srikanth; Natarajan, Viswanathan (Elsevier, 2010-12-31)
      The generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) plays a major role in endothelial signaling and function. Of the several potential sources of ROS in the vasculature, the endothelial NADPH Oxidase (Nox) family of proteins, ...