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    • Intersectin 1 contributes to phenotypes in vivo: implications for Down Syndrome 

      Hunter, Michael P.; Nelson, Marianela; Kurzer, Michael; Wang, Xuerong; Kryscio, Richard J.; Head, Elizabeth; Pinna, Graziano; O’Bryan, John P. (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2011-10)
      Intersectin 1 (ITSN1) is a chromosome 21 (HSA21) gene product encoding a multidomain scaffold protein that functions in endocytosis, signal transduction and is implicated in Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, and ...
    • IQGAP1 Is Involved in Post-Ischemic Neovascularization by Regulating Angiogenesis and Macrophage Infiltration 

      Urao, Norifumi; Razvi, Masooma; Oshikawa, Jin; McKinney, Ronald D.; Chavda, Rupal; Bahou, Wadie F.; Fukai, Tohru; Ushio-Fukai, Masuko (Public Library of Science, 2010-10-15)
      BACKGROUND: Neovascularization is an important repair mechanism in response to ischemic injury and is dependent on inflammation, angiogenesis and reactive oxygen species (ROS). IQGAP1, an actin-binding scaffold protein, ...