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    • The oesophageal string test: a novel, minimally invasive method measures mucosal inflammation in eosinophilic oesophagitis 

      Furuta, Glenn T.; Kagalwalla, Amir F.; Lee, James J.; Alumkal, Preeth; Maybruck, Brian T.; Fillon, Sophie; Masterson, Joanne C.; Ochkur, Sergei; Protheroe, Cheryl; Moore, Wendy; Pan, Zhaoxing; Amsden, Katie; Robinson, Zachary; Capocelli, Kelley; Mukkada, Vince; Atkins, Dan; Fleischer, David; Hosford, Lindsay; Kwatia, Mark A.; Schroeder, Shauna; Kelly, Caleb; Lovell, Mark; Melin-Aldana, Hector; Ackerman, Steven J. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2012-08-15)
      Objective: Eosinophil predominant inflammation characterises histological features of eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE). Endoscopy with biopsy is currently the only method to assess oesophageal mucosal inflammation in EoE. ...