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    • Ameloblastin Inhibits Cranial Suture Closure by Modulating Msx2 Expression and Proliferation 

      Atsawasuwan, Phimon; Lu, Xuanyu; Ito, Yoshihiro; Zhang, Youbin; Evans, Carla A.; Luan, Xianghong (PLoS One, 2013-04)
      Deformities of cranial sutures such as craniosynostosis and enlarged parietal foramina greatly impact human development and quality of life. Here we have examined the role of the extracellular matrix protein ameloblastin ...
    • Enamel-Related Gene Products in Calvarial Development 

      Atsawasuwan, Phimon; Lu, Xuanyu; Ito, Yoshihiro; Chen, Yinghua; Gopinathan, Gokul; Evans, Carla A.; Kulkarni, Ashok B.; Gibson, Carolyn W.; Luan, Xianghong; Diekwisch, Thomas G.H. (Sage Publications, 2013-07)
      Enamel-related gene products (ERPs) are detected in non-enamel tissues such as bone. We hypothesized that if functional, ERP expression corresponds with distinct events during osteoblast differentiation and affects bone ...