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    • Reduced palatability in drug-induced taste aversion: II. Aversive and rewarding unconditioned stimuli. 

      Arthurs, Joe; Lin, Jian-You; Amodeo, Leslie Renee; Reilly, Steve (American Psychological Association, 2012-06)
      Drugs of abuse are known to reduce intake of a taste conditioned stimulus (CS), a behavioral response sometimes seen as paradoxical because the same drugs also serve as rewards in other behavioral procedures. In the ...
    • Role of the Gustatory Thalamus in Taste Learning 

      Arthurs, Joe; Reilly, Steve (Elsevier Inc., 2013-08)
      The present study re-examined the involvement of the gustatory thalamus (GT) in the acquisition of drug- and toxin-induced conditioned taste aversions (CTAs) using a standardized procedure involving 15-min taste trials in ...
    • Role of the Insular Cortex in Morphine-Induced Conditioned Taste Avoidance 

      Lin, Jian-You; Arthurs, Joe; Reilly, Steve (Elsevier, 2011-04-12)
      The present study investigated the role of the insular cortex (IC) in morphine-induced conditioned taste avoidance. The results of Experiment 1 revealed that IC lesions impaired taste neophobia, retarded acquisition of ...