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    • Exposure to Brominated Trihalomethanes in Water During Pregnancy and Micronuclei Frequency in Maternal and Cord Blood Lymphocytes 

      Stayner, Leslie T; Pedersen, Marie; Patelarou, Evridiki; Decordier, Ilse; Vande Loock, Kim; Chatzi, Leda; Espinosa, Ana; Fthenou, Eleni; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J; Gracia-Lavedan, Esther; Stephanou, Euripides G; Kirsch-Volders, Micheline; Kogevinas, Manolis (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2013-11)
      Background: Water disinfection by-products have been associated with an increased cancer risk. Micronuclei (MN) frequency in lymphocytes is a marker of genomic damage and can predict adult cancer risk. Objective: We ...