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    • The Association Between Physical Functioning and Self-rated General Health in Later Life: The Implications of Social Comparison 

      Yin, Hongjun; Lin, Swu-Jane; Kong, Sheldon X.; Benzeroual, Kenza; Crawford, Stephanie Y.; Hedeker, Donald; Lambert, Bruce L.; Muramatsu, Naoko (Springer Verlag, 2011-03)
      Self-rated general health has been used widely in health surveys as a single-item measurement of health-rated quality of life. Heterogeneity in self-evaluation of health has been well documented, yet the causes of this ...
    • Listen carefully: The risk of error in spoken medication orders 

      Lambert, Bruce L.; Dickey, Laura Wallsh; Fisher, William M.; Gibbons, Robert D.; Lin, Swu-Jane; Luce, Paul A.; McLennan, Conor T.; Senders, John W.; Yu, Clement T. (Elsevier, 2010-05)
      Clinicians and patients often confuse drug names that sound alike (Hicks, Becker, & Cousins, 2008). We conducted auditory perception experiments to assess the impact of similarity, familiarity, background noise and other ...