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    • Utilitarianism and Luck 

      Persky, Joseph (Duke University Press, 2013-06)
      The study of luck in moral and political philosophy has generated two camps: the "luck egalitarians," who see justice as demanding aggressive efforts to reduce inequalities produced by luck broadly conceived and the advocates ...
    • Voter Reaction To Government Incompetence And Corruption Related To The 1999 Earthquakes In Turkey 

      Akarca, Ali T.; Tansel, A (Emerald, 2016-05)
      Purpose – Two major earthquakes which struck Northwestern Turkey in 1999 exposed rampant corruption involving construction and zoning code violations. The government’s relief efforts were tainted by corruption as well, and ...
    • Weight Misperceptions and Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Adolescent Female Body Mass Index 

      Krauss, Ramona C.; Powell, Lisa M.; Wada, Roy (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
      This paper investigated weight misperceptions as determinants of racial/ethnic disparities in body mass index (BMI) among adolescent females using data from the National Survey of Youth 1997. Compared to their white ...