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    • A microfluidic array for real-time live-cell imaging of human and rodent pancreatic islets. 

      Nourmohammadzadeh, M; Xing, Y; Lee, JW; Bochenek, MA; Mendoza-Elias, JE; McGarrigle, JJ; Marchese, E; Chun-Chieh, Y; Eddington, DT; Oberholzer, J; Wang, Y (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-04-12)
      In this study, we present a microfluidic array for high-resolution imaging of individual pancreatic islets. The device is based on hydrodynamic trapping principle and enables real-time analysis of islet cellular responses ...
    • Neurogenin 3 Expressing Cells in the Human Exocrine Pancreas Have the Capacity for Endocrine Cell Fate. 

      Gomez, DL; O'Driscoll, M; Sheets, TP; Hruban, RH; Oberholzer, J; McGarrigle, JJ; Shamblott, MJ (Public Library of Science, 2015-08-19)
      Neurogenin 3 (NGN3) is necessary and sufficient for endocrine differentiation during pancreatic development and is expressed by a population of progenitor cells that give rise exclusively to hormone-secreting cells within ...