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    • Coordinating Environmental Genomics and Geochemistry Reveals Metabolic Transitions in a Hot Spring Ecosystem 

      Swingley, Wesley D.; Meyer-Dombard, D’Arcy R.; Shock, Everett L.; Alsop, Eric B.; Falenski, Heinz D.; Havig, Jeff R.; Raymond, Jason (Public Library of Science, 2012-06)
      We have constructed a conceptual model of biogeochemical cycles and metabolic and microbial community shifts within a hot spring ecosystem via coordinated analysis of the ‘‘Bison Pool’’ (BP) Environmental Genome and a ...
    • Merging isotopes and community genomics in a siliceous sinter-depositing hot spring. 

      Havig, Jeff R.; Raymond, Jason; Meyer-Dombard, D'Arcy R.; Zolotova, Natalya; Shock, Everett L. (American Geophysical Union, 2011-01)
      Thermophilic microbes in hydrothermal ecosystems have multiple metabolic strategies for taking up carbon and nitrogen, which may result in distinct stable isotopic compositions of C and N in living biomass, as well as other ...