Recent Submissions

  • John Burgess 

    Steuber, Evan (2018-07-18)
    A novel that revolves around the supposedly autobiographical manuscript found after the suspicious death of John Lowell (pseudonym John Burgess). The manuscript is prepared and edited by Nick Notou who also adds supplementary ...
  • The Betrayal of Romantic Utopia 

    Oh, Sein (2018-07-26)
    The Betrayal of Romantic Utopia argues that the vulnerability of the Romantic form of utopia originates from the complicity between the vision of unity and the social contradictions it seeks to critique and overcome. On ...
  • 500 Thrilling Fantasy, Horror, and Science-Fiction Shorts! 

    Jones, Adam (2018-03-29)
    500 Thrilling Fantasy, Horror, and Science-Fiction Shorts! is a collection of five-hundred fantasy, horror, and science-fiction short stories designed to explore the relationship between formal literary devices and the market.
  • The Thread that Makes the Cloth: Narrative as the Fabric of our Teaching Selves 

    Sjostrom, Kate (2018-03-19)
    Students enter teacher preparation programs with internalized narratives of who they will be as teachers only to encounter many more narratives of teacher identity in their education programs, in their field experiences, ...
  • The Useful Koreans: Labor, Ethnicity, and Form in Contemporary South Korean and Korean-American Literature 

    Cha, Dongho (2018-04-09)
    In a 2004 interview in Amerasia Journal, the Korean-American literary scholar Elaine H. Kim insists on the “continuity” between two important historical events, the May 1980 Kwangju Uprising in South Korea and the April ...
  • One Looks at Two 

    Boyd, Jacob (2018-03-23)
    A collection of poems.
  • My Friends Who Are Not My Friends: Stories 

    Berger, Jessica (2018-03-20)
    My Friends Who Are Not My Friends is a collection of nine short stories in which a crisis of generic convention has occurred. In pulling from horror, science fiction, the speculative, and fantasy, these stories seek to ...
  • The Sophia Poems 

    Reichard, Patrick (2018-03-30)
    The Sophia Poems is a collection of personal, non-fiction essays written as a type of memoir. They are connected but can be read as stand-alone essays as well. The two principle connecting themes are the author’s marriage ...
  • Fiction in the Age of Memoir: The Form of the Novel in the 21st Century 

    Gemmel, Gina M (2018-03-01)
    This project argues that the centrality of the memoir as a cultural form has influenced recent fiction and shows that when fiction takes up the form of the memoir, it is able to make a critical comment on the genre that ...
  • The New What’s Next: Innovation and Failure in Contemporary American Literature 

    Strunk, Trevor Alexander (2017-07-19)
    My research suggests that American literature from the 1970s to today is deeply concerned with a representation of social and cultural upheaval, and argues that it figures this concern through aesthetic failure, particularly ...
  • Marginal Cost: The Business Novel and the Invention of Modern Economics 

    Douglas, Jason G (2017-07-18)
    My dissertation begins with the possibility and implications of identifying a body of literature that is in some essential way, economic literature. In particular, I examine the history of business novels and the businessman ...
  • Rhetorics of Loss 

    Castellanos, Jose Manuel (2017-06-05)
    Loss is a disruption of normalcy that lends itself to rhetoric in that it often cannot be mediated through physical action alone. I argue that complex forms of loss are often mediated rhetorically through discourse and ...
  • Absent-Minded Forms: Academic Novels, American Meritocracy, and Other Educational Fictions 

    Findeisen, Christopher M (2017-08-24)
    This dissertation is study of the emergence and proliferation of the American academic novel since the 19th century. I investigate two simultaneous lines of inquiry. First, I consider the social conditions that presided ...
  • Sites of Recognition: Literature and Social Form After WWII 

    Adiutori, Vincent Joseph (2017-03-21)
    Sites of Recognition: Literature and Social Form Since WWII investigates literature’s response to the late 20th century’s turn toward recognition as a framework for understanding the relationship between art and society. ...
  • Secret Springs of Action: Necessity and Anglo-American Literature in the Age of Revolution 

    Jakalski, David Frank (2017-04-13)
    In the age of revolution (1776-1848), British and American writers were active participants in an ongoing philosophical debate regarding liberty and necessity. In this dissertation, I argue that William Godwin, Samuel ...
  • Center Bluff: A Novel 

    Bryson, Christopher (2017-03-31)
    A novel.
  • The Testimony of Usher 22 

    Kulik, Ekaterina (2017-04-11)
    Dissertation project The Testimony of Usher 22 is a novel that explores and subverts the subgenre of “opera novel” — the works of fiction in which opera occupies a significant part, both thematically and structurally. While ...
  • Witch Doctrine 

    Browning, Annah Laura (2017-04-10)
    Witch Doctrine is a collection of Gothically-influenced persona poems, written in the voices of a cast of folkloric and literary figures, most prominently witches and ghosts. Through engaging with persona and other conventions ...
  • The Double Bind of Black Manhood : The Language of Masculinity in African American Writings, 1800-1900 

    Kroll, Erika Anne (2017-04-12)
    This dissertation describes the contested vision of African American masculinity in the work of 19th century abolitionists, African American activists, and Southern slaveholders. My project looks at the social and political ...
  • Blackface and Pale Gaze: Racialist Sentiment in Stowe, Melville, and London 

    Partica, Harvey E (2016-11-29)
    This dissertation examines the role of minstrelsy and romantic racialism in three American writers, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Herman Melville, and Jack London. While Melville’s fiction is critical of facile racial categories, ...

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