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  • Blackface and Pale Gaze: Racialist Sentiment in Stowe, Melville, and London 

    Partica, Harvey E (2016-11-29)
    This dissertation examines the role of minstrelsy and romantic racialism in three American writers, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Herman Melville, and Jack London. While Melville’s fiction is critical of facile racial categories, ...
  • My Ruptured Body 

    Girman, Christopher W. (2016-10-18)
    After a brief introduction to stereotypical conceptions of the Western white male traveler, the narrator explains how his academic success positioned him in a “traditional subject position” dependent upon endless knowledge ...
  • Thinking Aesthetics and Politics in the Age of Pervasive Apocalypse 

    Kang, EuiHuack (2016-07-01)
    This project seeks to examine and critique the process in which a certain trend acquired a dominance in our cultural and political life for the last 40 years. This trend is named “apocalyptic” in this dissertation as the ...
  • Biopolitics and the Supermax: Controlled and Uncontrolled Rhetoric Surrounding Tamms Prison 

    Pittendrigh, Nadya (2016-07-01)
    “Biopolitics and the Supermax: Controlled and Uncontrolled Rhetoric Surrounding Tamms Prison,” presents a study of the material/rhetorical origins of Tamms Closed-Maximum Security prison in Illinois, and the activism that ...
  • Lyric Histories: On the Appearance of Time in Twentieth Century Poetry 

    Phillis, Jen H. (2016-07-01)
    My dissertation is shaped by literary criticism’s renewed attention to the lyric poem in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. While the novel form seems incapable of capturing a world in which the economy accelerates and ...
  • Ethical Rhetorical Practice: Theorizing Lévinasian Ethics in “Students’ Right to Their Own Language” 

    Oakes, Mathew R. (2016-07-01)
    By calling Emmanuel Lévinas to the scene, this project troubles the inter-animation of the polis and the teaching of writing. Lévinas offers to writing studies a rendering of ethicality as a rhetorical condition which ...
  • Annotating Hiroshima, Mon Amour 

    Konchan, Virginia A. (2016-02-17)
    What binds subject to object, the individual to the collective, and a projected reality, or cri de coeur, to its authentication, in time? Annotating Hiroshima, Mon Amour is a collection of lyric poetry which explores the ...
  • The Bullet In Her Pocket 

    Tracey, Sara (2016-02-17)
    The Bullet In Her Pocket is a narrative, book-length poetic sequence that explores the ontology and ethics of secrets while interrogating the way history is archived, discovered, and invented. The poems tell the story of ...
  • Honor Bound: Renegotiating Debt and Family Ties in Asian American Literature 

    Villanueva, Corina A. (2015-10-21)
    My dissertation, Honor Bound: Renegotiating Debt and Family Ties in Asian American Literature, focuses on how symbolic debt in the context of the family impacts the Asian American individual. I focus on Jade Snow Wong’s ...
  • Enacting History: Transnational Literary Historiography in the Neoliberal Age 

    Reich, Stephanie T. (2015-10-21)
    This dissertation argues for transnational literary historiography, a new genre of literature that develops out of postcolonial literature in the mid-1980s. This new genre emerges following the significant shifts in global ...
  • Transatlantic Relations: Race, Labor, and Sexuality in the Afro-Asian Diaspora 

    Das, Smita (2015-10-21)
    Transatlantic Relations: Race, Labor, and Sexuality in the Afro-Asian Diaspora is a comparative and interdisciplinary study that examines literary and cultural representations of the East Indian worker within twentieth ...
  • What Breaks through the Dark 

    Noll, Brianna L. (2015-10-21)
    A collection of poems.
  • Space for Speculation: American Fictions of Racial Futures 

    Fiorelli, Julie A. (2015-10-21)
    This dissertation examines works of speculative American literature that envision the racial order of the future U.S. as radically different from their authors’ present. Surfacing at moments of national crisis from the ...
  • Oak Park: Discourses of Suburban Diversity 

    Stewart-Harris, Tyrell J. (2015-10-21)
    Oak Park: Discourses of Suburban Diversity explores how a pleasant, progressive, community dedicated to integration, anti-racist principles, and diversity, can continue to produce, reproduce, and utilize systems of racism. ...
  • Neoliberal Composition: Economic Inequality in the History, Theory, and Practice of Composition Studies 

    Johnson, Lucas J. (2015-10-21)
    My dissertation is a history of Composition Studies in terms of what its practitioners have thought about the politics of writing instruction, in terms of economic inequality and the goals of higher education, and in terms ...
  • Empire of Ideas: Genre and Geography in James Merrill's The Changing Light at Sandover 

    Walser, Andrew C. (2015-10-21)
    Despite its reputation as an insular and apolitical work, James Merrill’s epic The Changing Light at Sandover is actually a sustained engagement with the phenomenon of globalization and the fate of literary art in the ...
  • The Interpellative Crises of Critical Thinking 

    Carey, Kevin C. (2015-10-21)
    Both in academia and in the public sphere there is a strong sense that higher education today is imperiled. While critics from right, left, and center understand “the crisis of higher education” differently, most agree ...
  • Aviator without a Mask: Poems 

    Mills, Tyler (2015-07-21)
    “Aviator without a Mask” begins by questioning a mystery surrounding my grandfather’s possible involvement as a pilot in the Nagasaki mission and then moves into an exploration of the numerous nuclear tests the United ...
  • Piano, Piano: Stories From My Father 

    Pilat, Roxanne L. (2015-07-21)
    Piano, Piano: Stories From My Father, by Roxanne Christofano Pilat, is a work of creative nonfiction, a life narrative, which as the title suggests, centers on a selection of stories passed on from a father to his daughter. ...
  • Cinderella's Slippers 

    Yamshon, Lyndee (2015-03-02)
    A journey from a failed novel to finding voice through memoir, the two genres dual for center stage.

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