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  • Bilateral Inflammatory Aural Polyps: A Manifestation of Samter's Triad 

    Brobst, Robert; Suss, Nichole; Joe, Stephanie; Redleaf, Saadia (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2009-11-09)
    We report an unusual case of bilateral inflammatory aural polyps in a patient with Samter's triad. This 52-year-old patient had a history of chronic rhinosinusitis with sinonasal polyps, asthma, and aspirin sensitivity, ...
  • Association of diet with skin histological features in UV-B–exposed mice 

    Bhattacharyya, TK; Hsia, Y; Weeks, DM; Dixon, TK; Lepe, J; Thomas, JR (American Medical Association, 2017-10)
    IMPORTANCE: Long-term exposure to solar radiation produces deleterious photoaging of the skin. It is not known if diet can influence skin photoaging. OBJECTIVES: To study the influence of a calorie-restricted diet and an ...
  • Cost effective use of audiograms after pediatric temporal bone fractures. 

    Frisenda, JL; Schroeder, JW Jr; Ryan, ME; Valika, TS; Billings, KR (Elsevier, 2015-11)
    OBJECTIVE: To identify the relationship of pediatric temporal fractures to the incidence and type of hearing loss present. To analyze the timing and utility of audiometric testing in children with temporal bone ...
  • Skin Grafts vs Local Flaps for Reconstruction of Nasal Defects: A Retrospective Cohort Study. 

    Sapthavee, A.; Munaretto, N.; Toriumi, DM (Journal of the Medical Library Association, 2015-07)
    IMPORTANCE: Nasal defects commonly are a result of removal of skin lesions, and reconstruction presents a cosmetic challenge to surgeons. Conventional thought and study results have held that cosmetic outcomes of local ...
  • Multilevel airway obstruction including rare tongue base mass presenting as severe croup in an infant 

    Brennan, Tara; Rastatter, Jeffrey C. (Elsevier, 2013-01)
    Laryngomalacia is the most common cause of neonatal stridor, accounting for up to 60% of cases. Less common causes of neonatal stridor include subglottic or tracheal stenosis, or congenital masses of the upper airway. ...
  • Revision of the Cleft Lip Nose 

    Wang, Tom D.; Angelos, Patrick C. (Thieme Publishing, 2012-08)
    Secondary or revision rhinoplasty for the cleft nasal deformity represents one of the most challenging problems in rhinoplasty surgery. The secondary nasal deformity of the unilateral cleft lip involves a retrodisplaced ...